MYOB Price Updater is an application that is designed to streamline the updating of both Buy (Standard Cost) and Sell Prices (Standard and Quantity Break Pricing) of items in MYOB. The following options are given:

  -  Update Buy Price (Standard Cost) Only, Update Sell Price Only, Update Both Buy and Sell Prices.

  -  You can select to update prices for all or a selected supplier.

  -  You can select a range of items that have a specified G/L Account.

  -  You can specify a price increase percentage for both the Buy Price and/or Sell Price.

  -  You can specify the precision (number of decimals) for the rounding up of new prices.

  -  In relation to Sell Prices, the updated price is applied to the base selling price and any applicable Quantity Discount Pricing.

  -  Once you define Price Update Parameters and Process them, the intended price changes can then be reviewed before committing them to MYOB. If

     need be, you can redefine your Price Update Parameters and run the process again.

  -  Once you are satisfied with the intended new pricing you can then run the Commit Price Update to MYOB Items.

  -  A complete audit of all values changed can be produced.

  -  The separate option of populating the standard cost field with the last purchase cost is also provided.

Note: This program is designed for those MYOB users that use standard costing. A version for average costing can be supplied upon request. For more information on this product or other MYOB Addons please Contact Us