Speed up MYOB - If MYOB is running slow over your network (MYOB data on one machine and MYOB program on another).  We can significantly improve MYOB performance especially in multi user environments.

As the volume of transactions in MYOB grows, the performance of the program decreases, especially when there is more than one concurrent user logged in. This is due to the inefficient way that the MYOB application manages record locking and its' file system methods in general.

Some examples of performance improvements follow:

MYOB file size 114MB with 17,000+ stock items. For a network user it took up to 2 minutes to view/search the items register. Under the new method of hosting the application it takes 1-2 seconds.

MYOB File size 176MB: Searching for customers and items in invoice entry was taking minutes, and saving an invoice was very slow. With the new method, response times in all areas was virtually instant.

Our solution can also be applied for many other applications that are slow when run over a network.