Tamworth I.T. uses a Rapid Application Development Environment over a Relational Database for the development of customised applications. Applications can be deployed on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, or Linux, in single or multi-user configuration and with the ability to 'hook in to' a number of third party database file systems.

Development Life Cycle

Tamworth I.T. services the complete application development lifecycle, from initial consulting and application design, through to testing, documentation, implementation, training and ongoing support and development.

Our project management methodology identifies key project stop/go points and monitors project progress to clearly defined project targets. The objective is to minimise the risk factors of a project, provide early detection of potential issues and to keep project stakeholders informed of the progress.


For any business to consider a custom developed application, they will have normally not been able to locate suitable 'off the shelf' software solutions. Rather than accept a compromise, they opt to have an application developed specifically for their business needs. While this option may cost more than 'off the shelf' software, the process is justified by the efficiencies and savings that a purpose built application can provide. The customer may also be able to share the development costs with other like businesses.

Modern day development tools have also contributed to making the customised application option more affordable. Rapid application development tools have delivered considerable efficiencies to developers while also delivering exceptional functionality to the end user.

If the software you are using to run your business is a compromise, then give us a call to discuss your needs. We can develop anything from a simple membership application through to a complete mission critical business application. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost effectiveness and functionality of a custom built system from Tamworth I.T.

Feature Rich

Can your business application software do all of this?

  • Search for elements on any data attribute combination
  • Output reports as html, PDF or hard copy
  • Print rich text format reports, labels and envelopes
  • Automatically E-Mail reports to predefined recipients
  • Integrate E-Mail and Web
  • SMS messaging
  • Scan to application
  • Store incoming and outgoing faxes to application
  • Filtered single click mail merge with M/S Word
  • Single click export of data to excel
  • Operate efficiently in single or multi user environments
  • Operate with touch screens or PC screens
  • Meet your changing business need

MYOB Add-Ons

Tamworth I.T. is a MYOB Professional Partner. We develop tightly integrated applications that work with the information stored in your MYOB data file.

Please Contact Us for further information.