EMACS is affordable and easy to use software that allows SME's to
 "Better manage their business by better managing their business information"

EMACS is an application that manages a central database for all of your day-to-day business information, activities and communication. Diary Appointments, Tasks, Documents, Files, E-Mails, Faxes, Scans, SMS, Internal Messages, Contact Notes and more are referenced to your business entities (Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Other Contacts) and selectively shared amongst all staff.

EMACS uses your MYOB Customer, Supplier and Employee names and contact details so there is no need to maintain duplicated databases. For those Entities that are not in MYOB (such as prospects, industry contacts, etc), EMACS has its own Other Contacts database. EMACS is also available as a stand alone application without MYOB integration.

EMACS will greatly improve the manageability of your business by managing the creation, organisation, maintenance and sharing of your business information.

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