SMP Performance Solutions for DB Extracts, Loads, Data Warehouse Staging,
 Mainframe Migration and Proprietary Sort Upgrades

CoSORT continues to deliver the fastest and most popular sorting and ETL solutions for open systems hardware. If you are loading a database, staging a data warehouse, analyzing clickstreams, building summary reports, rehosting applications, developing software, or using another sort, CoSORT is for you.

As the volume of commercial, scientific, government, and clickstream data grows, so grows the value of CoSORT. The package is used wherever sorting, loading and report generation occur, but CoSORT is best known for its open approach to mainframe (legacy) sort and batch COBOL migrations in Unix and Windows NT/2000, and its leading role in accelerating database utility operations and data warehouse manipulations (ETL). CoSORT was the first independent sort developed for open systems: CP/M in 1978, DOS in 1980, Unix in 1985, NT in 1993. That's why today, CoSORT is the the world's fastest, and most widely licensed, commercial-grade sort package for Unix systems, and PC Week's "top performing" sort on NT.

The CoSORT package is a collection of routines for file sorting; for one-pass extraction, sorting, summarization, and reporting; and, for providing sort functionality within databases, data warehouses, and application programs. The central sort engine is a minimal time algorithm in a coroutine architecture that transfers records through memory. It is this unique coroutine architecture, coupled with direct SMP (parallel CPU) exploitation, that is behind both CoSORT's world class production performance and the CoSORT tools used by leading application developers.

 CoSORT is licensed in Australia and New Zealand by Easirun Australia Pty Limited (Tamworth IT's owning entity) - some of our clients include Telstra, Coles Myer, Insurance Australia Group, Seven Network, First Data Resource and BUPA Health. 

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